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Who is Shooting Stars?

We are a non- profit organization, whose main aim is to develop sports talent amongst children aged 5-15 years, so that they are not prone to drugs and other ills of society.

From Swaziland

For The Kids

Sports For Life


Promote participation of children, youth and community in sport, physical activity or play, addressing social issues

To teach children and youth life skills which could be practically used in daily lives or which could increase their employability

Our programmes primarily focus on grassroots sports rather than competition or elite sport

Provide an opportunity for all forms of children from this group, to groom their talents

Create opportunities for social contact, our programs cross diverse boundaries bringing people together and engaging them in dialogue

Empower persons with disabilities and foster the inclusion of persons with disabilities, changing the social perceptions of them

Equip the children with different social skills such as survival skills, interpersonal skills, problem–solving skills, conflict-resolution skills, effective communication skills, peer negotiation skills, active listening skills and anger management skills

To raise awareness about social issues such as healthy lifestyle, gender equality and disease prevention including HIV/AIDS

Change through Sports

Shooting stars sports Foundation promotes a love for sports

Shooting stars Foundation promotes a love for training. The programs of the Foundation are important because they prepare young children for the journey of long term development of the athlete. It is in the club level that a solid foundation for later training is laid.


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Children are a heritage of GOD and the fruit of the womb is his reward

Psalms 127 - 3
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